What does a data entry clerk do? List of Duties, Skills And Salary + Instructions on How to Find a Data Entry Clerk Job

Want to know what a data entry employee does and what skills are needed in the profession? Dreaming of becoming a data entry specialist but afraid you don’t meet the tasks? We’ll tell you what a data entry employee does, reveal the ins and outs of the profession and the salary level, and give you instructions on how and where to look for data entry jobs.
what does a data entry clerk do

The data entry clerk is the person who works with documents of various formats, enters new data and checks existing company databases, and compiles spreadsheets. You can enter data into a computer using a keyboard, a graphics tablet, or a scanner.

Data entry transfers information to an electronic medium, most commonly to various computer programs. Data entry can take place either automatically or manually.

what does a data entry clerk do

Trends in data entry show that data entry jobs will be in high demand at large companies and widely offered by employers in the coming years.

what does a data entry clerk do

What does a data entry clerk do? Data Entry Specialist Duties

Data entry is an excellent option for making money from home. Often, data entry jobs do not require long training or exceptional talent. Skilled computer users can even perform data entry specialist duties without training.

There are four types of data entry jobs:

Data Entry Clerk

Tasks: to translate information from one format to another. Usually, data entry is done using a keyboard.

Data Entry Keyer

Tasks: entering or scanning digital data into computer systems from paper media.

Transcriber (Transcriptionist)

Tasks: listening to audio or video recordings and recording information.

Word Processor/Typist

Tasks: typesetting for documents, correspondence, and reports.

what does a data entry clerk do

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what does a data entry clerk do
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How much do data entry jobs pay?

The average salary in the United States: $14.02 per hour.
Wages range from $7.25 to $30.65 per hour.

A data entry specialist’s salary is determined by experience, education, skill set, and additional responsibilities.

what does a data entry clerk do

A data entry specialist’s wages are also influenced by geographic location. Salaries are high in New York, California, West Virginia, Alaska, North Dakota, and Vermont.

What do I need to know for data entry?

Requirements and skills for a data entry specialist

Depending on the complexity and experience of the job applicant, data entry specialist skills are divided into basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

The basic skill level for a data entry specialist is
  • Typing at 40-50 words per minute.
  • Proficiency in numeric keypad skills.
  • Familiarity with formats for emails, reports, protocols.
  • Processing and classifying emails.
Intermediate skill level for data entry specialist
  • Typing at 40-50 words per minute.
  • Proficiency in numeric keypad skills.
  • Familiarity with formats for emails, reports, protocols.
  • Processing and classifying emails.
Advanced skill level for data entry specialist
  • Updating company databases.
  • Searching for and removing errors in databases or spreadsheets.
  • Reformatting and correcting documents.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages.

Data Entry Specialist Soft Skills

In addition to technical skills, a data entry specialist must possess five important soft skills:


Manual data entry requires good concentration and focus for extended periods.

Attention to detail

One wrong letter, number, or symbol will become a code error; in spreadsheets and documents, typos will lead to misinformation for company analysts. Data entry errors can cause the entire company to shut down, so attentiveness is a necessary skill for every data entry specialist.

what does a data entry clerk do

Data entry specialists work in a fast-paced environment, so it’s crucial for them to be flexible and remain accurate. For example, a data entry specialist may be required to pause data entry work to retrieve a file or report or even change the task altogether.

Organizing information

Data entry specialists must retrieve and update database files and other digital documents quickly and efficiently.

Their responsibilities may include sorting and organizing the physical documents they digitize or enter into an online system. The ability to create and maintain easy-to-use document storage and organization systems allows professionals to succeed in the workplace.


A data entry specialist is always working in a team or with clients, so without the skills to communicate intelligently and resolve conflicts will be difficult.

what does a data entry clerk do

What kind of education does a data entry specialist need?

The educational requirements for a Data Entry Clerk depend on the position and responsibilities:

Data Entry Clerk

You do not need a college degree for this position, just high school graduation. Interns actively recruit for the Data Entry Clerk position since it does not require a high level of knowledge, all that is required in MS Office, and a good command of English at the writing and speaking level.

Data Entry Keyer

This position also does not require a college degree. All you need is a high school or college graduate, MS Office, and English speaking and writing skills. Knowledge of the field in which you are going to work may be an advantage.


This position also does not require a college degree. All you need is a high school or college graduate, MS Office, and English speaking and writing skills. Knowledge of the field in which you are going to work may be an advantage.

Word Processor/Typist

The position does not require a high level of skills or education. Quick typing skills and MS Office proficiency are sufficient. The internship option is available to any high school or college graduate.

Can you get a data entry job without experience?

Yes! Many employers are hiring entry-level data entry specialists. It makes the in-demand profession of data entry specialists easy to enter and, thanks to remote job openings, accessible to anyone who can handle a computer.

If you’re targeting a particular company that requires experience, get experience on freelance jobs first.

Study the field professionals’ pages, client requests, and prices, and once you’ve gained experience, feel free to respond to an ad on Ucanremote and get the job at your dream company!

Industries in which a data entry specialist can work

Film and Video Industries

The global film and video industry is large and continues to grow rapidly. The task of data entry specialists is to transcribe audio recordings and write subtitles for films and videos.

Specialists are in demand in this field because companies would lose viewers from other countries or people with hearing impairments without their work.

Travel and tourism

A data entry specialist makes a travel agent’s job easier because they transfer paper applications and information to the company’s digital database and help collate and send information to customers. Some data entry operators take on additional responsibilities: researching new travel destinations, finding lodging prices, and arranging dates and tour packages.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies process a massive amount of data regularly. The orderliness and accuracy of all data are critical to an organization’s success.

An insurance data entry specialist enters bids, quotes, and proposals and processes insurance claims.

Health Care

Medical transcription is one of the most common data entry services. When performing this task, data entry specialists must be familiar with modern medical terminology to code information accurately.

Real Estate

The job of data entry specialists in this field is to organize and process information from property owners, agents, and realtors.

Real estate workers are bombarded with enormous information, from premises appraisal documents to sales reports. Without data entry specialists, making information always available, accurate, and up-to-date would be difficult.

A lawyer’s job is not only to take part in court proceedings but also to sort through a massive number of documents. Data entry specialists help lawyers to organize paperwork. They are in demand in the field because they make lawyers’ work easier and help them focus on their clients’ problems.

Tasks that legal data entry specialists perform are:
  • Verifying information in documents
  • Indexing
  • Filling out invoices
Data entry specialists must understand legal terminology.


Many banks work with data entry specialists because the specialists help banks code and organize information about customers, bank details, and financial transactions.

Banking is becoming increasingly digital, so handling confidential data inaccurately can have dire consequences.

what does a data entry clerk do


E-business has grown dramatically over the past five years, so the demand for data entry specialists has also increased.

Without data entry specialists, customers would get lost in the scattered information and wouldn’t be able to purchase a product or service.

The tasks of data entry specialists in e-commerce are to create a system to control merchandise and fill in the information. So that the company can correctly sort and deliver products.

Data sourcing

Most companies take advantage of data capture to find information that is valuable to them.

The responsibilities of data entry specialists in data retrieval are:
  • Find data and analyze patterns of relationships.
  • Draw conclusions about consumer behavior based on the data.


In logistics, the actions of people and institutions must be precisely aligned. Without accurate data, goods may not be delivered to the customer.

The tasks of a data entry specialist are:
  • Managing the inventory of goods to provide up-to-date information about their availability.
  • Coding order processing and fulfillment documents to prevent leakage of customer data.
  • Creating inventory reports.

Benefits of working in the data entry field

Easy entry

You can become a data entry specialist without professional training, and training is often already on the job.

The low cost of entry into the profession and a small list of skills make the data entry profession attractive to job seekers.

Data entry specialists are required in every field where Data entry specialists are needed in every field that uses digital accounting. You can work for any company, from small businesses to large companies and government agencies.

The opportunity to work for a large company

Even if you don’t have a degree, you can get an internship and experience working with a well-known company.

Remote work and freelancing

Data entry work does not require you to be in the office all the time, so you can work at a convenient time and from anywhere in the world.

Flexible work schedule

In data entry, you can negotiate with your employer and adjust your schedule to fit your rhythm of life. Working at any time allows you to combine several areas of life: work with family or study.

Low-stress level

A data entry specialist is not in contact with clients or business partners. Data entry is a precise and systematic work process. It takes little time and guarantees a fixed income, so you don’t have to worry too much.

How to become a data entry clerk, and where can you get a job?

Catch the simple step-by-step instructions to become a data entry specialist:

Step 1: Get educated.
  1. Get your high school diploma.
  2. Learn the basics of data entry in a special course or program in college.
  3. Continue your studies in computer courses.
Step 2: Develop hard and soft skills to get ahead of competitive applicants.

Focus on skills and knowledge such as computer literacy, financial literacy, typing speed, and accuracy.

what does a data entry clerk do
Step 3: Create a resume and respond to jobs in data entry.

Read about how to build a qualified resume in this article: How to Build Professional Resumes in 5 Minutes? 20 Top Tips and Instructions for Each Item, How to Build Resumes in 2022 + Free Resume Building

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what does a data entry clerk do
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what does a data entry clerk do

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