How to Write a Resume Objective? 20+ Real-Life Examples and Tips

Don’t know what to focus on in your resume and how to show your strengths with your resume objectives? Do you want to attract the employer’s attention with quality and structured resume objectives? We will tell you what resume objectives are, why they are important, and how to use resume objectives correctly.
resume objective

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective is a small statement on your resume.

With a resume objective, you prove why you are the best candidate for the job, even if you have no experience.

A resume objective is a way to show your motivation and added value to the company.

Resume objective for nanny:

resume objective

Resume objective for marketing specialist:

resume objective

Resume objective for sales manager:

resume objective

Write resume objective at the beginning of your resume so the recruiter reads it first.

resume objective

When to use a resume objective?

Situation 1. Use a resume objective when you know what position you want.

Are you confident in your choice? Do your education and work experience fully match the job description?

Then include a resume objective section. This is a way to show your determination, commitment, and motivation to get the job.

resume objective

Situation 2. Use a resume objective when you are at a game-changing point in your career.

Do your work experience, education, and internships not match the job description?

Use the resume objective section to explain how you will use your knowledge and skills in your new job and what added value you will bring to the company.

resume objective

Situation 3. Use a resume objective when you are a student with no work experience.

Your text in the resume objective section will explain to the recruiter how you will use the knowledge and skills you gained in school, college, or extracurricular activities.

In your resume objective, focus on specific projects, articles, teamwork, and extracurricular activities you have participated in, and describe how your experience will help the company.

resume objective

In all other cases, you don’t have to write a resume objective.

resume objective

What section should a resume objective be written at?

A resume objective is the first thing an employer reads. In this case, it is important to get his attention and encourage him to read further.

resume objective

The four steps of writing a resume objective

Get the four steps of writing a resume objective to help you create the perfect objective for resume.

Step 1. Read the job ad carefully.

Find out what qualities the employer is looking for and match them with your skills when writing a resume objective.

Don’t copy the job description verbatim. Be creative and build on your knowledge, skills, and experience.

resume objective
Step 2. Start the section of a resume objective with your education and experience.

At the beginning of your resume objective, write about your major, internships, and work experience.

resume objective
Step 3. Write in a resume objective about additional qualifications.
resume objective

In some cases, it is helpful to mention your hobbies in your resume objective that match the desired position.

resume objective
Step 4. Include your strengths and job title in your resume objective.

Link your strengths to the position you are applying for in your resume objective. This will help your resume pass the ATS.

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that helps companies with their recruitment efforts.

ATS researches your resume by keywords (skills, experience, education, position) before the resume is sent to the recruiter.

resume objective

Three tips for writing a resume objective

Here are three tips on how to write a clear and coherent resume objective and get the recruiter’s attention:

Tip 1. Include your high school experience in your resume objective

If you don’t have work experience, write in your resume objective about the skills and knowledge you’ve gained in school, clubs, and extracurricular activities. Include a list of qualities in your resume objective appropriate for the position.

resume objective

Tip 2. Use different resume objectives for each position.

Formulate a different resume objective for each job: pay attention to the job description and build on the employer’s requirements.

resume objective

Tip 3. Review your resume objective.

After you get a job and have been with a new company for a few months, see if you have achieved your objective in the resume.

If your efforts have not been successful and you have not yet found a new job, revise your resume objective statement.

resume objective

Seven mistakes when writing a resume objective

Get a list of the top seven mistakes candidates to make in the section of resume objective:

Incorrect resume objective example:

«A professional and organized editor is looking for a progressive and friendly publisher. He would like to advance his career and work in a friendly team. Willing to invest and work day and night».

Mistake 1. Unclear resume objective.

The candidate tends to list qualities that don’t fit their personality to impress the hiring manager. Don’t do this. An experienced recruiter will recognize a lie right away.

Mistake 2. Spelling and punctuation mistakes in a resume objective.

Errors in both verbal and written language negatively impact the hiring manager. This can be a reason not to consider a resume.

Mistake 3. Using clichés in a resume objective.

A trained hiring manager will immediately recognize if you have written a cliché in your resume objective that has nothing to do with the position.

resume objective

Mistake 4. There’s a subjunctive mood in a resume objective.

Candidates who use the subjunctive inclination in their resume objective appear modest.

resume objective

Modesty is a man’s ornament, but not when it comes to writing a resume objective.

resume objective

Mistake 5. A resume objective is too long.

Don’t write anything in your resume objective suited almost any job.

resume objective

HR managers review hundreds of applications. Be concise when writing a resume objective.

resume objective

Mistake 6. Candidate has stated job expectations on their resume objective.

The hiring manager doesn’t want to know what your expectations are. He needs to understand why you are the ideal candidate for the position.

Don’t write anything that explains your career goals or what you hope to accomplish in the position for yourself.

Mistake 7. There is no specificity in a resume objective.

The hiring manager will consider the candidate unprofessional because they have not cited specific knowledge, skills, work, or training experience that is important in the new position.

resume objective

Sample of proper resume objective:

«A motivated web developer with an honors degree from New York University’s Computer Science Department on my way to a management position. Fluent in Python, HTML, SCC, and JavaScript. Three months of Google internship experience and C1 level English will improve your company’s website».

resume objective

Resume objective examples

1. Resume objective example when you first apply for a job.

Resume objective example for an international relations student:

«A 3rd-year international relations student at Fordham University is ready for a 6-month internship specializing in European politics. Participating in 4 inter-university debates, experience as an exchange student in Italy, and a knowledge of English and Italian at the C1 level will strengthen Company X’s position in the international market».

Resume objective example for an engineering student:

«The CASE-IN 2021 Case Championship winner and Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate is ready to assume the position of Assistant Lead Engineer at Company X. Experience with reports and documentation and four successfully delivered projects as part of training project work will allow clear performance of my duties».

2. Resume objective example when going into your field with experience.

Resume objective example for a dentist:

«Dentist with a current radiology certificate and three years of experience ready to join a new team of physicians. A degree from the University of Michigan and additional training in psychology will strengthen relationships with Company X clients and provide quality personalized preventive care».

Resume objective example for a marketer:

«A graduate of Harvard Business School (Harvard University) is ready to assume the position of Senior Assistant General Manager at Company X. 2 years of experience at Company X as a Strategic Marketing Manager, one year of Erasmus+ studies, and strong leadership skills will help Company X increase sales and develop a unique product promotion strategy».

3. Resume objective example when you change fields.

Resume objective example for a marketer who changes careers to a graphic designer:

«Creative graphic designer with five years of experience in strategic marketing. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Photoshop and InDesign. Willing to apply product management skills to develop a selling package design for Company X.»

Resume objective example for a stylist who is changing careers to a hairdresser:

«Stylist with ten years of personal consulting experience ready to apply her skills as a hairdresser. A 2-year college barber course, current license, and customer communication skills will enhance customer loyalty at Company X.»

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The resume objective is an important part of your resume. Be clear, concise, and use it only in certain situations: then you’ll increase your chances of getting your dream job.

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