How to Engage Employees? 10 Simple Rules + 5 Employee Engagement Mistakes Most Common

Tired of looking for new employees every month? Want to know how to engage employees so that they have a high interest in the success and advancement of the company? We’ll tell you why employee engagement is essential and give you six tips to help implement and keep employees motivated.
engage employees

What is employee engagement and why do we need to engage employees?

engage employees

The main task of any business is the efficiency of processes: production, sales, interaction with clients, which are aimed at obtaining the maximum profit.

What happens if you do not engage employees? 

An employee who is not involved in the process and works for the record cannot give the business the result it needs and negatively influences the discipline and general atmosphere in the team.

Such an employee may allow himself to be late, not perform or openly sabotage the tasks assigned, negligent to the duties. As a result, company plans are not met, and the business loses money.

The advantages of employee engagement:

1. Engaged employees increase their productivity, which means the company’s profits increase.

2. Engage employees means keeping more dedicated employees in the company and increasing their numbers.

Engaged employees won’t want to change companies in a month. It means that supervisors won’t have to spend extra time finding and training potential workers.

3. The more interested an employee is in the company’s success, the more they will get into all aspects of it. This will allow them to come up with new development concepts and promotional strategies.

Employee engagement will make the company stronger and the team more creative.

engage employees

4. Engaged employees trust the management more, feel more comfortable in the workplace, and argue less with their colleagues. A comfortable corporate culture is one type of employee engagement.

engage employees

How to engage employees? Types of employee engagement systems

It is important to understand that there is no universal system for the entire company to engage employees.

Selection of the system of employees engagement is a complex process, which depends on a large number of factors: from the average age of the staff to the goals of the business.

System of motivation and engagement employees should be based primarily on people’s needs and personal motivations.

engage employees

The corporate culture may be common, while working conditions, bonuses, and praise may be different for each department or a specific person.

In order to engage employees, it is necessary to feel the company and people well, to understand the goals of the business and employees, what their needs, fears, expectations, the situation in life at the moment.

Let’s figure out how to engage employees.

engage employees

Financial motivation is associated with monetary payments. For example, bonuses. 

Intangible motivation rewards are given in the non-monetary form. For example, trips, certificates, corporate events. 

engage employees

How to engage an employee? Top rules and tips

Engaging employees is an important mission of any company, but few know how to do it wisely.

The top 6 rules on how to engage employees:

Rule №1. Treat the employee seriously and with respect. Allow staff to speak up and offer their ideas.

An employee who is valued and has a voice in decision-making takes responsibility. They enjoy coming to work and take pride in doing what they can to move the company forward.

It is often important for the employee to feel that they are important and belong to the company and its bottom line. Therefore, recognition will allow them to be part of the team and feel their value as a professional.

engage employees
Rule №2. Create a comfortable work environment.

Employees stay happy at work because of the proper corporate culture, which has a positive and inspiring atmosphere.

Even if financial motivation is the main motivation for a person, there will always be another — individual motivation. It can be, for example, the proximity of the office to home, a comfortable environment in the team, or the opportunity for professional development.

If you take into account these factors, you can qualitatively engage employees.

Rule №3. Don’t forget to stimulate your staff with financial benefits.

Bonuses, holiday and retirement benefits, employee discounts, and travel allowances are attractive and make the company especially interesting for its employees.

Everyone works to get paid first and foremost and cover their needs, so financial motivation is a universal tool to engage employees.

engage employees

Keep in mind, however, that if you engage employees only with money, you may fall into a trap:

  • Financial motivation has a short period of validity, usually 3 to 6 months, after which the level of motivation will begin to decline;
  • If you engage employees only with money, the opposite effect can occur. Employees will ask for a raise for each additional task, the scope of work or project, and consistently every 3-6 months. 
engage employees
Rule №4. Be open in your actions.

Care must be taken to ensure that there is no tension between departments and also within work teams.

engage employees

Two tools to engage employee and create a comfortable corporate culture:

  • Design a user-friendly internal communication system so employees can easily share job suggestions. For example, start an employee journal.
  • Have regular meetings between employees and management to discuss important decisions and company strategy.
Rule №5. Arrange events outside of work hours that will help strengthen relationships within the team. 

Corporate outings, joint sporting events, and team-building activities create a strong corporate culture that helps employees bond and better understand each other’s work processes.

Rule №6. Don’t forget the basic needs of your employees.

Be mindful of the psychological aspects of the individual to engage employees.

engage employees

Employee engagement mistakes

Let’s review what you need to do to engage employees effectively:

  1. Understand business goals and needs. 
  2. Understand the needs and expectations of employees. 
  3. Know the company’s budget and capabilities. 
  4. Ask employees about their willingness to consider the company culture.

If you exclude even one factor, employee engagement will prove difficult. Both the business and the team can suffer as a result.

In order to properly build a system of motivation, we have prepared a list of the main mistakes when engaging employees.

Mistake №1: Fail to align employee engagement system with business goals. 

Develop a strategy and correlate the company’s goals and objectives with an incentive system that the company can afford. The initial goal of employee engagement is to increase performance, so it’s important to understand the business’ goals for at least one year.

Mistake №2: Don’t look for new solutions.

engage employees

Mistake №3: Don’t know the needs of employees and don’t focus on the desires of the staff.

To engage employees, conduct an employee survey.

The survey can be as few as 3-5 questions, but you’ll learn from employees their needs, wants, and fears.

The questions should be open-ended, but with suggested answer choices, so it’s easier to process.

When designing a survey, it’s important to offer only those response options that the company is willing and able to implement.

This way, people will feel valued, and this will engage employees and motivate them to be productive.

Mistake №4: Don’t accept employee ideas and always reject them.

engage employees

Involve employees in important decisions. Don’t ignore their ideas and objections.

Mistake №5: Don’t prepare employees to implement an employee engagement system.

Remember, anything about the issue of monetary motivation will cause people to have questions and concerns.

Negative reactions can arise from a lack of information from employees.

To make employees feel engaged, tell them how you will involve your staff in advance.

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engage employees

Now you have the understanding and instruction to get employees engaged. Remember that a good employee motivation system should be based on the needs and desires of employees and the capabilities and goals of the company.

Do you have questions about employee engagement? Or maybe you would like to share your experience in creating a motivation system and tell us about mistakes in this matter? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments.

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