Сan Call Center Work From Home? 5 Problems and Solutions For Running a Call Center From Home + 100 Remote Call Center Jobs From The Best Companies

Do you want to be a call center worker but are unsure if you can do it? Not sure if a call center can work from home as productively as in the office? We’ll tell you what problems can arise if the call center works from home and how to avoid them.
call center work from home

What is a call center job?

Call center work is a common position in the consumer services industry.  

A call center worker communicates with customers over the phone. The goal is to sell the customer the company’s product or service remotely, advise the customer on a purchase or solve a problem with the product.

call center work from home
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How much do call centers pay? Tasks of a call center operator


  • Receives and processes incoming calls and orders.
  • Conducts telephone surveys and collects feedback from customers.
  • Prospecting for customers.
  • Provide technical support.

Average salary: $50,000 per year.

Catch the four benefits of working in a call center:

  • Opportunity to work remotely and with a flexible schedule.
  • Free training in sales techniques and how to use the software.
  • Call center positions are suitable for people of all ages.
  • Bonuses and bonuses for exceeding sales targets.
call center work from home

Call center employees need quality equipment and a particular environment to work effectively from home.

They will be able to answer customer calls with quality and without delay, focus on their work, and successfully meet sales standards.

Problems and solutions in running a call center from home

We’ve compiled a list of 5 problems a remote call center worker faces and ways to solve them.

Problem 1. You don’t have the technical equipment.

Equipment is the primary tool for a call center worker. The quality of communication determines the efficiency of the work, so it’s essential to ensure that the equipment’s state is at a high level.

Solution: Choose a computer with a large screen and keyboard, so it’s nice and comfortable to work at.

Call center workers usually call customers via VoIP, an Internet line, so that you won’t need a phone.

If you don’t have the budget to buy equipment, ask your employer to take a work computer out of the office or give you the funds to buy your computer.

Problem 2. You don’t have a workspace at home.

call center work from home

When working remotely, it’s crucial to divide your home into two zones: a work zone and a relaxation zone. This way, you’ll increase productivity and get in the mood for work more quickly.

Here are three tips on how to organize workspace at home:
  • Choose a workspace near a window with good lighting.
  • Choose a desk 70-80 cm high and a chair with an adjustable back.
  • Use organizers, drawers, and shelves for documents and small items. Try to keep the workplace tidy.
call center work from home

Problem 3. You will lose contact with your colleagues.

Companies rent offices so employees feel like a team and communicate with each other. When you move to a remote job, you may lose that contact.

Solution: maintain a team culture: create shared conversations, call your colleagues via Zoom or Skype, and discuss the latest news and work insights.

Problem 4. You run into a problem and don’t know how to solve it.

You can quickly get help from a senior colleague in the office, but when working remotely, you have to wait a long time for a return email.

Solution: create a shared document about common problems call center workers face and ways to solve them. You can refer to it anytime and not distract your colleagues from their work.

Problem 5. You don’t have a clear workday routine.

The daily commute to the office brings structure to our lives. When working remotely, it can be not easy to organize yourself and follow a clear schedule.

Solution: set regular meetings with coworkers, check-ins and coffee breaks for specific times.

Try making an hourly schedule for the day and following it clearly to get a feel for the work environment at home.

call center work from home

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call center work from home

What should I pay attention to in the job description?

  1. Type of employment
  2. Type of schedule
  3. Place of work
  4. Salary
call center work from home

We have collected the best offers on Ucanremote, a remote employee search service. Not only can you find the right call center job, but you can also leave your resume and receive offers.

What skills do I need to work in a call center?

To become a successful call center worker and earn a good salary, you need to have specific soft and hard skills.

Get this list of seven skills for a call center operator that will help you handle the workload on the job and successfully close deals:


Empathy is a crucial skill in a call center. It helps you understand customers’ feelings, get into their pains and needs and find the best solution to their problems.

call center work from home

Active Listening

Listening carefully to the customer is essential for a call center manager. That way, you can identify the customer’s desire and find the best product or service.

call center work from home

Computer Skills

More and more companies are moving to electronic documentation. Being proficient with computers can be an advantage over other candidates.

call center work from home

Ability to conduct telephone conversations

Working in a call center is one of the most common jobs in the consumer services industry.

You can’t follow a customer’s gestures and facial expressions or read their emotions on the phone, so it’s much harder to make a deal.

call center work from home

When serving a customer on the phone, speak clearly, briefly, persuasively, use high and low intonation, and place logical accents and pauses.

Problem-solving skills

Customer support is all about solving their problems and dealing with objections. Be prepared that angry customers may even yell at you.

However, a good call center operator can understand the situation and politely solve the conflict.

call center work from home


Often workers in a call center have to perform several actions simultaneously: draw up reports, answer the client’s questions and enter the call into the database.

The skill of multitasking can help you increase your stress tolerance and handle your job more efficiently.

call center work from home

Time Management

Learn time management to manage tasks successfully and maintain a balance between work and leisure.

The time management technique allows you to increase your time efficiency.

call center work from home
Example goal:

«In 3 years, I plan to take a management position and reach a steady income of $80,000 per year».

call center work from home

What company work in a call center from home? Six companies in the customer services field

What do you think about which company to go to work for? We’ve compiled a list of eight well-known companies for you to analyze and choose the best one.


Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform. The owner is entrepreneur and billionaire Jeff Bezos.

The company aims to make every employee feel valued and respected.

Amazon provides its employees with a comfortable work environment for career advancement, from free snacks to continuing education coverage.

CVS Health Corporation

CVS Health Corporation is the 47th largest retail corporation in the United States. It includes pharmacies, health clinics, and medical facilities.

Costco Wholesale Corporation

Costco Wholesale Corporation is a warehouse club of branded and private labels.

The company creates a welcoming environment for employees. The average wage for a call center professional is $18 an hour.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is based in the United States and operates out of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

The company serves flights to Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean Islands.

Since 2002, the company has been named one of FORTUNE magazine’s «100 Best Companies to Work For» every year. A comfortable in-flight atmosphere and ongoing employee training are the company’s strengths.


Airbnb is the most famous accommodation service.

The company’s mission is to create a home-like atmosphere for people wherever they travel. Airbnb is considered one of Silicon Valley’s most successful startups.

The company values corporate culture and focuses on transparent relationships with bosses.

Public Storage

Public Storage is an American real estate investment trust. It is one of the top 100 companies to work for in the consumer services field.

The company has all the conditions for comfortable work: flexible hours and comprehensive health care for employees.

Is call center job good?

Are you wondering if a job in a call center is right for you? Afraid you’ll waste your time and not earn much?

Here are 7 benefits of working in a call center that will encourage you to take that first step and stay in your career.

A wide range of industries to choose from

Most companies need staff for call centers, so there are plenty of jobs. You can work in almost any field you want.

The opportunity to work without experience

Working in the call center is a great opportunity to get your first work experience and figure out what industry you want to grow in in the future. Often, companies in the customer service industry don’t require work experience, but train you during your internship.

Developing your communication skills

In a call center you are constantly interacting with people, learning to resolve conflicts, negotiate, and be flexible. The job helps you develop communication and listening skills that will help you not only in your career, but also in your everyday life.

Career advancement

Many companies in consumer services offer a quick career path from call center manager to customer service manager.

call center work from home

Flexible work schedule

At most companies, you can make your own schedule. Many call center jobs allow you to work remotely.

Training at the company’s expense

Companies that require call center employees offer free in-house training to help their employees develop and bring more value to the job.

call center work from home

Industry Knowledge

Over time, you’ll learn more and more about the customer service industry you work in and become an expert in the business.

You’ll be able to use your knowledge and skills to advance your career in this industry and eventually move into it-you’ll already have experience.

call center work from home
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call center work from home
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