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Our service will help you find remote talent if you fall into the following categories:

You are a small company

Who's having trouble building an employer brand and attracting top talent. Our site lets you talk extensively about all your company's strengths, and our feedback-based rating system helps you win the competition for top talent

You are a big company

Who needs to find the right talent in the shortest possible time. The extensive functionality of job analytics, combined with a large number of visitors to the site will help you to close vacancies in a matter of hours

You are in a constant search for

Remote talent that can improve your company's performance. Thanks to the extensive functionality of our site, you can build a database of passive job seekers and track the progress of each specialist to be able to hire talent at any convenient time

You absolutely any business

Who has realized that it is much cheaper and more efficient to hire and maintain remote workers. Then it's definitely time for you to find your perfect specialist on "Ucanremote"!

About Us

“Ucanremote is an ambitious startup that wants to help companies and employees around the world adapt to the new reality and become a guide to the labor market of the future. We help talented people around the world find the perfect employers for remote work. Every week, we publish a variety of content to help people around the world transition to remote work and become happier. Even though we’re just getting started, we’ve already done a lot to improve the lives of our clients!

We, with the help of smart algorithms, select the most suitable remote candidates for each company and each vacancy, thereby reducing the number of low-quality applications and increasing the efficiency of remote hiring! We also provide the most comprehensive data on remote candidates, allowing you to make smarter hiring decisions. In this way, we help our clients significantly reduce the time and cost of hiring!

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We understand how important time is when searching and hiring talent, so we’ve made it as quick and easy as possible for you to post a position and find your perfect remote talent!

Post a job in a few clicks

Quick registration without extra fields. Only the most important! The rest you can fill in at any time convenient for you.

Help to create the perfect job

Get detailed statistics on your vacancy, which will help you make the right adjustments and hire the most suitable employees

Only relevant candidates

A unique selection system, based on artificial intelligence, shows your vacancy in the first positions for those candidates who are the best fit for you.

Assistance in filling the vacancy

Based on the most successful vacancies in your category, we give recommendations for filling the vacancy

No overpayments

One of the most transparent pricing on the market. Just choose one of the 3 packages and get the best remote employees!


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